How it began:

Shoretex Products Inc. originated in 1989 when Shoremaster Inc. purchased a small canvas shop with the intent to build their own canopy tops, creating Shoremaster Fabric Division.  Shortly there-after the idea to produce boatcovers introduced us to the marine canvas market.  In 1991 the fabric division was spun off to form an independent business known as Shoremaster Fabric Inc.

Through the years:

For the next several years we would strengthen our foothold in the marine canvas industry by expanding our custom boat cover pattern library along with adding to our canopy offerings and OEM accounts.  As the company grew so did our production and we progressed into state of the art cutting automation, heat welding, new product development and expansion into a larger production facility.  Several years later, with a name change to Shoretex Products Inc, we began a new chapter with a new identity.

Here we are:

As we approach our 32nd year in the marine industry, we pause to look back at where we have been and what we have been through.  We will always remember the 2020 season that caused our production facility to switch gears for a short time and jump into the Covid fray by manufacturing PPE medical gowns for our heroes on the medical battleground.  We are humbled to be able to help during this pandemic and appreciative to survive, thrive and return to doing what we do, manufacture marine canvas products.

Vision Statement:

(Created in 1991 and still our footprint for success!)

Our vision is to provide for each employee a position within this company that positively contributes to the quality of their lives.

We recognize that profitability is key in making this happen and is only achieved by providing our customers with quality services that meet or exceed their expectations.

Further, we believe that integrity is the glue that holds it all together and that we should deal honestly with all people and ourselves.

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