When employed with Shoretex Products Inc. you will enjoy a number of great benefits. Below is a rundown of what we offer our employees:

Insurance(health, dental and life)
Flex Plan
401(k) Plan
Paid Time Off

Health Insurance
Shoretex Products offers health insurance and bears a substantial cost of this plan for employee and family coverage.

Dental Insurance
Shoretex Products offers dental insurance to their employees and their families. This coverage becomes effective after 90 days of employment and is provided at no expense to the employee

Life Insurance
Shoretex Products provides life insurance to their employees. This coverage becomes effective after 90 days of employment and is provided at no expense to the employee.

In general, the amount of coverage is $35,000 for the employee and $12,500 for the employee’s spouse.

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Flex Plan
Shoretex Products has implemented a flexible benefits plan where employees can elect to pay for expenses with wages excluded from taxable income. The flexible benefits plan includes health and dental cost of coverage, out of pocket medical/dental expenses and dependant care expenses.

New employees that are at a full-time or part-time status may enroll in the plan after 90 days of employment. In the event that an employee signs up for the plan and later needs to make a change in their annual election, the change must be consistent with the qualifying event and be made within thirty(30) days of that event.

Detail regarding the flexible benefits plan and the annual election forms are available from the human resources department.

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401(k) Plan
Shoretex Products provides a 401(k) retirement savings plan for full time employees who have completed any mandatory Introductory Period(one year of employment) and otherwise qualify to participate. The plan includes a provision for employee tax deferred compensation contributions and employer matching contributions.

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Paid Time Off
Shoretex Products provides full-time employees who have completed any mandatory Introductory Period Paid Time Off which can be used for any reason.

The amounts of paid time off employees receive each year is based on the hours worked and the length of their employment as shown in the following chart:

Accrued paid time off will be automatically added at the end of every pay period and will be on the pay stub. If the employee has worked less than 40 hours per week, paid time off will automatically be used if it is available. Hours worked, holidays and paid time off are used in the calculation, and overtime is not used.

Employees will start to accrue paid time off on their first day of work, but will not be able to use any paid time off until after 90 days of work.

Paid time off can be used in minimum increments of 1/4 hour.

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Shoretex Products observes the following holidays:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

You will be paid for these holidays if you:
– Are a full-time employee who has worked 90 , and
– have worked the full day before and the full day after the holiday, unless time off has been approved 1 full week in advance as vacation or personal days.

Holidays that fall on a weekend will be observed either on a Friday or Monday. To avoid confusion, all holidays will be announced in advance.

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Length of Service Accrual Rate Max Hours Accrued/Year Max Hours on Anniv. Date Max Hours of PTO/Year
Up to 1 year 0.034 70 40 70
Up to 2 years 0.053 110 120 150
After 6 years 0.072 150 160 190